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"Cultivating Lasting Love and Joy in Your Marriage"

Welcome to Sweet Honey and Sacrifice Coaching, where our mission is to offer unwavering support, expert guidance, and invaluable tools to empower you and your partner in crafting a lifelong journey of love and joy. Our marriage coaching services provide a secure and nurturing space for couples to rekindle their connection, nurture personal growth, and undergo a profound journey of healing and transformation.


Located in the heart of the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids area, we offer in-person sessions, and for your convenience, we also conduct online sessions via Zoom.


We are eagerly looking forward to the opportunity to meet you and embark on the journey of helping you build the marriage you've always envisioned. Your relationship's potential for growth and happiness begins here with us!

Her advice has been instrumental in saving my marriage. Her insight has given both my wife and I the motivation to serve one another. I appreciate that she listens to my side of the story as well. As a man seeking marital guidance, I don't believe that always happens. I give her 5-stars, two thumbs up, the A-OK, and would HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Kris M.

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