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Religious Life Coach for Cedar Rapids, IA

Marriage is no walk in the park. It takes time, energy, and work to build a foundation that both honors the Lord and your spouse. Whether you are an engaged couple seeking advice or have been married for years and feel as though your relationship is in a rut, reach out to Sweet Honey and Sacrifice Coaching for a Christian life coach.

At Sweet Honey and Sacrifice Coaching, our mission is to provide biblical guidance and support to help couples remember and embrace their covenant commitment to one another. You are on a lifelong journey together, and we are here to help bring about transformation.

Our Various Packages

From counseling small hiccups to working through deep-rooted heart issues, we are here to walk with you so that you can maintain a fulfilling marriage. We offer a variety of packages depending on your needs and stage of life. Here are just a few of your options:

Single Coaching Session

During our single coaching session, Tina, our religious life coach, will work with you or your partner for 50 minutes to unpack your worries and challenges. This session is followed by an email recap and homework for the week.

Biblical Premarital Coaching

Our biblical premarital coaching is for engaged couples, helping them biblically think through God’s design for marriage, finances, conflict resolution, and effective communication, among other things essential to a faithful marriage.

Christian Coaching Membership

Our Christian coaching membership comes in varying levels (1,2, and 3). Whether you want to maintain marital bliss, strengthen the bond you have forged, or need to grapple with the pain of infidelity, our Christian life coach will assist you with the truths of Scripture.

Choose Sweet Honey and Sacrifice Coaching

At Sweet Honey and Sacrifice Coaching, we want to offer you and your spouse unwavering support and guidance for your marriage. No matter what stage of life you are in, we are proud to provide in-person and online sessions for your needs in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Schedule your session with us today.

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